Food Factory - Cookie, Twisters, Tartufo, Boondi

Factory Made - Street Light,Saw Blade, Coffe, Color Glass
খুলনা সায়েন্স ক্লাব বিজ্ঞান ভিত্তিক ভিডিওর আর্কাইভ বা সংগ্রহসালা তৈরী করতে অত্যন্ত আন্তরিক। সেলক্ষ্যে আমরা ইন্টারনেট হতে সংগ্রহ করে, বিজ্ঞানভিত্তিক টিভি চ্যানেল ডিসকভারি, ন্যাশনাল জিওগ্রাফীর বাংলা অনুষ্ঠানগুলো রেকর্ড করে সংগ্রহ করে রাখছি। এগুলো আমরা কম্পিউটারে, ডিভিডিতে সংরক্ষন করে রাখছি। আমাদের ভিডিও আর্কাইভের লিষ্ট বা তালিকা ক্রমে প্রকাশ করা হবে।

CD 01 How the Universe works - Black Hole
CD 02 How the Universe works - Solar System
CD 03 How the Universe works - Galaxy
CD 04 Mission Critical - Hubble
CD 05 Curiosity -is  there a Parallel Universe with Stephen Hawking
CD 06 Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking
CD07 How the Universe works - Planets
CD 08 Curiosity -How will the world end
CD 09 Creatures of Deep
CD 10 Bad Universe
CD 11 Raging Planet- Hurricane
CD 12 Is anyone out there
CD 13 In the Womb- Identical Twins
CD 14 Everything you need to know - Brain
CD 15 How the Universe works - Star
CD 16 Curiosity -How Evil are you
CD 17 Curiosity - Can you live forever
CD 18 In the womb- Life Before Birth (2 disk)
CD 19 test your Brain, Pay attention
CD 20 The Next Wave- Tsunami
CD 21 Everything you need to know- Poison
CD 22 Curiosity -Your body on Drugs
CD 23 Belly of the beast - Helicopter
CD 24 ***

DVD 25
[Bangla Translation]
*Super Car- Aston martin
*Super Car- Jaguar
*Brain Game
*Discovery Grand Desing
*Factory Made - Street Light,Saw Blade, Coffe, Color Glass
*Food Factory - Cookie, Twisters, Tartufo, Boondi
*Food Factory- Ketchup,Lolipop,Pretzel, Tiramisu
*Food Factory- Potato, Gumball,Hot Chocolate,  Barbique ribs full
*Food Factory-Canadian Coockie, Cheetos puff, Gerlic Nun, Purdys Choclet,
*Great Barrier Reef
*How do they do it- Letuce, Ship Rope, Insulin
*Phenomenon the lost archives
*MARS The Red Planet
*MYSTERY BABYLON Documentary - (what they do not want you to know)
*NASA TOP SECRET MOONMISSION-Alien Spacecraft and Alien Moonbase found on the Dark Site of the Moon
DVD 26 [Bangla]
Car series - willium.mkv
Factory made - Ballon, Aluminium ring, Envelope, Whistle.mkv
Factory made - School locker, Frozen Pizza, Rail Road track, Facial Tissue.mkv
Food Factory- Mapple cookie, Chocolate treet,  Indian bread, Cheetos puff.mkv
HOW DO THEY DO IT acordian music system, wasabi paste, duck whistle.mkv
HOW DO THEY DO IT beagle, racing tyre, glass art piece .mkv
HOW DO THEY DO IT car window, Lipstick, Sheers Scisors.mkv
HOW DO THEY DO IT car, sheep wool, kite board.mkv
HOW DO THEY DO IT Gipsum Board, crest, Plane. .mkv
HOW DO THEY DO IT light post, protecting ships from ice burg, bonsai.mkv
HOW DO THEY DO IT nichel coin,canel lock,bubble tea.mkv
HOW DO THEY DO IT oven proof glass, atm booth, carbon fiber on car huarara.mkv
HOW DO THEY DO IT sea weed, glass bottle , shark protector net.mkv
HOW DO THEY DO IT ship yard, polythene recycle, glass bubble.mkv
HOW DO THEY DO IT soft drink, leather jacket of kangaroo, repairing of old cathedral.mkv
HOW DO THEY DO IT turkish carpet, ski, nayagra water electricity plant .mkv
HOW DO THEY DO IT turkish sweet, silver spoon, sunscreen.mkv
HOW DO THEY DO IT vanice waste management, sheep skin boot, chlorela.mkv
HOW DO THEY DO IT vinegar, swim suit, stunt plane.mkv
DVD 27 [Bangla]
Alien Planet
Factory Made climbing hook, race car seat, accordion music, woolen sock
Factory Made fortune coockie, racing bike, boot, fishing bait
Factory Made umbella, corn bread, plastic wood, downhill skies
HOW DO THEY DO IT  mono rail, luxurious plate, cup cake
HOW DO THEY DO IT bee hive cultivation, armour dress, trike cycle,
HOW DO THEY DO IT canvas, stincky tofu, bootle recycling
HOW DO THEY DO IT credit card, serving tiffin in india, water vehicle lift
HOW DO THEY DO IT processing of sedr wood, spanish tiles,jaffa cakes
HOW DO THEY DO IT red bush  tea, airport luggage system, luxurious comb
HOW DO THEY DO IT road roller, can bread, mobile phone
HOW DO THEY DO IT screw, jelly, catwalk dress by 3d printer
HOW DO THEY DO IT underground electric line, pizza, pine wood log
HOW DO THEY DO IT wine, cold jacket
Redesing my Brain-ep2
DVD 28 [Bangla]
Brain Games
Factory Made beer, utensils, bricks, baseball gloves
Factory Made bolt, neon tube light, ambulance car, toy 3d print
Factory Made led street light, round saw blade, coffe seed processing, color glass
Factory Made nails, microphone, volleyball net, candle
Factory Made pencil, bolt, pickle, big rubber baloon toy
Food Factory chips, oat beast bar, flat bread, touche bakery moline
Food Factory kimmie candy, pretzel, french fried onions, brio
Food Factory potato fry, red velvet cake, amy's pot pie, mitchell sweet
Food Factory root beer, tambador chocolate, soya souce, matzos,
Food Factory tabasco sauce, luigis italian ice, galaxy dessert double chocolate mousse
Food Factory tomato hydroponics, muffins, breathsaver,  ragina noodles
HOW DO THEY DO IT aeroplane, hunting shoe, banana processing
HOW DO THEY DO IT bamboo on building, firework
HOW DO THEY DO IT espadrilles classic shoes, prefabricted house
HOW DO THEY DO IT fedora hat, cement, pea
HOW DO THEY DO IT highrise apartments, classic british boot, kitchen gadgets
HOW DO THEY DO IT iron cooker from scrap iron, agarbati, guniper gin
HOW DO THEY DO IT macadamia nuts, water processing plant, mojo barriers
HOW DO THEY DO IT setar, biltong, bulldozer
rosseta landing
DVD 29 In Search Of Aliens Collection, History 18  [not finalized]
In Search Of Aliens Washington state_Peninsula
In Search Of Aliens Loch Ness
In Search Of Aliens  Peru_Nazca
In Search Of Aliens  Washington DC
In Search Of Aliens Bolivia Tiahuanaco
In Search Of Aliens Switzerlnd
In Search Of Aliens Malta
In search Poland_zamek ksiaz
In Search Of Aliens New Mexico_Rosswell
In Search Of Aliens Atlanta
Anciennt Aliens Special Edition 1
Anciennt Aliens Special Edition 2

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